The Winner Is….

The winner is Darren of  He came up with the name Green Cheese, which I pitched to family and friends.  They thought it was a great title, and far better than the rude one that I came up with (think about it).  However it was already taken as a blog name and a link in blogger.  So I slightly modified it and came up with something I am quite happy with.

So here is the banner for the new blog, aptly titled “Little Green Cheese”.

I even managed to buy the domain name.  You can find the new blog at  The previous link will redirect.  I love it!

Darren, drop me your snail mail address, and I will send through your prize of about 100 gm of tasty Parmesan all vacuum packed via express post on Monday.

Thank you one and all who gave the competition a go.  I did try all the other names on the family, however they were stuck on Darren’s suggestion.

Gavin, now the proud owner of the domain!

Leave a comment for the Cheese Maker!