Monday, 17 October 2011

Mozzarella Cheesemaking Workshop #2

On Saturday I taught another cheesemaking workshop in the lovely little town of Gisborne, Victoria.  It was for a group of ladies who have formed a gardening group, and tracked me down via this blog.

We had a great time, and here are a few photos of the workshop.

7 pots of milk all in a row.

The commercial kitchen was wonderful to work in.  The stove had 12 burners, and plenty of room for the 7 budding cheesemakers.

Expelling whey after the first time in the microwave.

Chief Microwave Technician!

Here comes the stretch!  Everybody's mozzarella turned out perfect.  For a two students account of the workshop, pop on over to Christine's blog, Slow Living Essentials, and to Kirsty' blog, Bowerbird Blue, including what Kirsty made with the mozzarella.  A big thank you goes out to Christine who organised the entire event and venue.  It would not have been held without her hard work.

I have another Mozzarella workshop in two weeks time at the Spotswood Community house on Saturday, 29th October from 10am to 1pm.  There may be spaces left, with a maximum of 8 students.  Here is some contact info in case you are interested.

Spotswood Community House
598 Melbourne Rd, Spotswood 3015

Phone: 9391 2613
Fax: 9391 1898


  1. Thanks again Gav for running the workshop. The mozzarella is delicious! We have been enjoying it on pizzas, eaten fresh and last night I even put some in my scrambled eggs! There is still some left to eat up today...I was surprised how much the flavour came through the next day. Lots of fun, thanks again. :)

  2. I've posted some pics of my mozarella creations on my blog and wrote a little about the day as well. So delicious, I'm amazed how far we've stretched it (Pun intended), one small block to go.... thanks again for a great day.

  3. Thanks again ladies.

    Kirsty, I missed your first post, so rewrote the blog post and added in your links

    Gav x

  4. wish i could send you some milk gavin. Its all being dumped at the moment because we have a gas pipe leak which has shut down the milk stations. people have signs out "free milk" at dairy farms within 20 mins of where i live, wouldnt that be great, unlimited free milk for your classes