Monday, 5 March 2012

Romano - The Verdict

I made a Romano cheese in January 2011, which has been aged for a 13 months in my little cheese fridge/cave.

This cheese was due to be taste tested in October 2011 after 10 months maturation, however as I have probably said a few times before, events got away from me.  It wasn't until a request for an Alfredo pasta sauce that it prompted me to break the wax seal and try some of it.  Here it is devoid of its wax covering.

This cheese was made with Jersey milk, which is quite high in butterfat (4.0-4.2%), and I chose it specifically at the time because I was disappointed with normal "no name brand milk", and I found that Jersey milk had improved the quality of my Caerphilly, so thought that it would help improve a Romano.  Let me tell you about it in my normal format:

De-waxing: No additional moisture under the wax.  The cheese had some fine white crystals over it, which is just hardened lipase.

Texture:  It cut well, with no crumbliness.  No holes or blemishes.  It grated very well.

Taste:  I tried it on a plain water cracker, and it had a full body and was very strong.  It was not as strong as some Parmesan that I have made, and it had a milder flavour.  If I remember correctly, it was very similar to the last Romano that I made, so I believe that my recipe is now tried and true.

I have another Romano in the cheese fridge that I made from raw milk, however that is not ready until December 2012 if I leave it to mature a full 12 months.  It is the cheese I made for my last video tutorial.

I highly recommend making this cheese for its delicious taste.  It is as easy as Parmesan to make, and just uses full cream milk instead of semi-skimmed.  Give it a go, but make sure you use good milk.