Sunday, 22 February 2015

LGC S02E03 - Raw Milk Cheese

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The food standards are changing here in Australia, and commercial cheese makers will be able to make a wider range of raw milk cheese.  I play an interview with Tom Ross from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture who explains the changes to the regulations.

You can read the original article here;

I also talk about two new cheese making products that I have developed namely a DVD and an External Cheese Fridge Thermostat.  These two products have consumed most of my spare time in the last two weeks.  I never thought that making a DVD, with menu structure, would be so time consuming!

For those of you in Australia, here are the links to those two products;
During the latter half of  the episode I answer listener questions about camembert, cheese making in Thailand, Traditional Mozzarella, and an innovative way to heat your milk.  I also mentioned that Colin, from New Zealand, sent in some pictures of his milk pot that he makes all his cheeses in.

Colin's milk pot/double boiler system

A pot inside a pot.  He places water in the bottom pot that is heated with the electric element.

It is all controlled by this thermostat.  Ingenious invention.
The engineering creations of the home cheese maker never fails to amaze me.  We are a creative bunch of curd nerds!

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

How to Setup an External Cheese Fridge Thermostat

I have had so many requests about this simple external thermostat that I decided to make a how-to video to show everyone how it works.

In fact, I like this product so much that I imported some from China to sell here in Australia.  You can find the External Cheese Fridge Thermostat with full instructions in our shop.  I have personally been using one on my cheese fridge for just over a year without any issues.  When I say cheese fridge, it is a 200 litre bar fridge that now works perfectly as a cheese fridge, sitting constantly at 13C.

I hope that helps anyone who is looking for a cheese fridge solution here in Australia.

Until next time curd nerds....

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

LGC S02E01 - 7 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Cheese

During the show I talk about 7 mistakes everyone makes with cheese, and article in Business Insider Australia which I expanded upon.  I believe that my version is much better.

You can find the orginal article here;

I also promote the Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Competition co-ordinated by Ian Treuer from Here are the details;

Competition in works for amateur cheesemakers

The cheese lovers who organize The Great Canadian Cheese Festival every June are planning to host the first-ever Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Competition—possibly expanding the contest to include home cheesemakers in the U.S.

The mission is to recognize and honour the best in amateur cheesemaking and to provide encouragement and feedback to home cheesemakers.

Would you be interested in entering your cheese for judging? You won’t personally have be present to participate as you can safely ship cheese in a cooled box. Please indicate your interest by emailing Ian Treuer at Ian, who blogs about his adventures as a home cheesemaker, is acting as Competition Co-ordinator. Check out Much To Do About Cheese at

Awards will be presented for best in each cheese division. Judging reports will be issued for each cheese entered.

The first amateur competition will take place this June 6-7 in conjunction with the fifth anniversary Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton, Ontario, two hours east of Toronto, three hours north of Syracuse, New York. Festival website:

I also answer voicemail questions about Rennet strength, Mixing Ricotta with curd from another batch, Cream cheese ingredients, Brining Feta without the sloppiness, and Basement humidity.

One of Ian's many cheese creations.
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