Wensleydale Video Tutorial

As promised, here is another of the cheese making tutorials.  This time it is a Wensleydale video tutorial.  I made it about a year ago, but the method is still the same as the last post. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will endeavour to answer it.

No wonder Wallace and Gromit like it so much!

Now for a little joke;

I was having lunch with my son Adam a year ago, and he asked, “Dad, what are you doing tonight?”

I replied, “I am waxing the Wensleydale”.

He retorted, “So that’s what the kids call it these days!”

I just could not stop laughing. He is a funny lad, and a chip of the old block. Cheese block that is!

wensleydale video tutorial - waxing the wensleydale


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    Thank you for the experiences and tips
    I have a question
    You can use the normal paraffin wax? Is there a difference between wax and paraffin wax cheese?
    Thank you

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    I Love your blogs, thanks for sharing!
    I made this last week and I have a question!
    It looks as if there will be mechanical holes because of the dry stirring of the curds before molding. Is that correct? Mine is now pressed, dried, and waxed but it looked "bumpy" before pressing and had evidence of curd individuality after pressing too. Is that ok?
    Ann in Medford Maine

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      H just made my first Wensleydale and have the same problem. The curds after cutting and salting are now in the mould but they look as if they look bumpy too and have little cracks. I have flipped the cheeses after an hour and put them back in the mould in the cheese press and just hope that by tomorrow they will have compressed and the cracks will have gone! Am I expecting too much?

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    The first video was the same procedure my mother used to make our home made cottage cheese, although she did not have the special additives that you used. We milked our own cows and had lots of fresh milk for using in various ways.Her cheese turned out wonderful.We called it cottage cheese.When it was drained and fairly free of the whey,(she hung it in cheesecloth,on the clothesline to drain) she added mayo,green onions and grated radishes, the best I remember. We loved it. I wish I had a dish of it now.

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