Blue Cheese Update #2

I have now turned the blue cheese for the second time and am 8 days into the process.  This is what all 3 look like.  Click to enlarge.

Blue cheese update

The two smaller cheeses have blue mould all over and the humidity is just right.  They are developing well and will mature much quicker than the larger one below.

blue cheese update

The large blue has a blue hat!  The bottom was very moist before I turned it, so I elevated the mats off the floor of the icecream container so it would drain better.  I think because of this, the mould is struggling to form on the sides.  Now that it is draining better, it should have no trouble.  I think the humidity is okay, as there is lots of condensation on the inside of the container.  Time will tell.

Next update for this cheese in a week or so.


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