The Joy of Cheesemaking

Now in which other hobby do you get to do something like this with your food?  I had a ball making this Mozzarella for friends to eat.  Just think of it as the joy of cheesemaking!






Nice little balls of Mozzarella.  Note the yellow colour.  I added 2 drops of Annatto colouring to enhance the visual effect.

The finished product, all made with Demeter Biodynamic Milk, which is as good as it gets unless of course you have a house cow or goat!

We used this batch on pizza that we served up to our Sustainable Living Group as thanks for helping to make our Clay Oven on Saturday.  It was very tasty!


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    @ Cat, I could use raw milk and have written about it here. It is safe to use for all cheeses, however some would argue that it is not. I just have to find a reliable source of course.

    @ craftyrabbit, great tip, and thanks for the feedback


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    Gavin, you can also make your own annato yellow cheese coloring by mixing 1 tsp. of annato seeds (used in Mexican and Philipino food) with 1/4 cup. water and boil in a small pot or microwave for 1 minute on high. Use about 1/2 tsp of the resulting water diluted in 2 TBSP of water to color the cheese.

    By the way, I really like the cheese pictures and explanations – very clear and concise – accurate too!

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    Gavin, have you thought about using raw milk? Or know if it can be done? Or would it have to be pasturised by yourself before it can be used? I know in some parts of the US, raw cheese is available but have never been able to track any down here. Wondering if I should make my own.

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