Drunken Cow – The Verdict

The Drunken Cow cheese has matured, so it is time for a taste test.

This cheese was made on the 3rd of August 2012 from 3.8% butterfat full cream milk.

De-waxing: Slight swelling of the wax.  There was a little moisture under the wax, with clear sweet liquid running out after the seal was broken.  It was not sour. I had to dry the outside of the cheese with paper towel.   The colour of the rind had faded slightly, but still very distinct.  When lightly pressed, liquid came out of the crack in the top of the round.  At this stage I was a bit worried.

Texture:  Easy to cut, and not flaky.  Very slight marbling from the wine, with clear sweet liquid within the cheese structure.  Layered lines throughout the cheese.  Cheese smooth and soft and very moist.

Taste:  I tried it by itself, and the flavour blew me away!  You could smell the sweet wine on the rind, and the cheese was smooth on the pallet.  A bit like Gouda, but finishes in the mouth with a sweet, slightly sugary after-taste.  The rind was sweeter but harder, and the centre was soft and smooth.

An absolutely delightful cheese, with an exciting flavour.  Unlike any other cheese I have tasted before.  The washed curds technique really tempered down the final acidity and sharpness.

Given the addition of 1.5 litres of sweet red wine to marinate this cheese in, it pushes the cost of this cheese up quite a bit, compared to a normal hard cheese.  However, it is well worth it as it really improves the final flavour.

I highly recommend the cheese for a moderately experienced home cheese maker.  As it matures in only three months, it is a relatively quick cheese to make, and well worth the wait.  This cheese will really impress your friends and family!

I will publish the recipe in the next post.

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  1. says

    That cheese looks and sounds fantastic! I have been hanging about on the peripherals watching this most interesting of processes and think that I am just about ready to jump into the sea of cheeses in the near future. Steve will LOVE this cheese!

  2. Anonymous says

    May I also suggest you watch Gavin's youtube tutorial videos which you can find on youtube if you search for greeningofgavin. His videos really are excellent and the best on youtube, and believe me I watched hundreds. They gave me the confidence to make my own cheese without going to classes (which we don't have round here anyway). My cheeses never quite turn out as expected, but they are always very good and a tasteful experience.

  3. says

    I am glad it turned out well, I used an alpine tomme for my version of this cheese. I was not impressed with the results, I will have to try your version. You Sir are one of my cheese inspirations.

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