Stilton Testimonial

If anyone is wondering if the recipes that I post actually get results if you follow them, then this post is for you.  It’s a bit of a Stilton testimonial!

The other day I received two delightful emails from one of my readers, Chris who writes about a Stilton cheese that was made following my recipe and video tutorial.

Here is Chris’ first email;

Hello Gavin

The attached photos are of my first attempt at “Stilton”, the result was superb, I took some to a dinner down in Tasmania, the host served two ‘blues’ after dinner, my “Stilton” and a top King Island, initially some guests were reluctant to try the home-made  but at the end of the night the only cheese left was half the King Island ! I like it so much #2 is in the cave, #3 will be made this week-end.

I recently bought a cheese trier from delivered in 11 days and half the price charged locally.

I have watched all your videos, they have been most helpful, so far I have made Parmesan, Camembert,  Cheddar (farmhouse and normal), Wensleydale,  Stilton and Ricotta, not one failure. The cheese cave is a full size ‘fridge fitted with a $50 external thermostat from Jaycar.

Chris’ Stilton.  Looks delicious!


Here is the second email

I had read a couple of books on cheese making before I discovered your site, the videos were really helpful, if a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be billions !My cave really works well, I have it set for a temp. range of 12-14°C at the moment, even though it is in a shed, when the shade temp here was 45.5°C it held at 13.5°C.  I am afraid my last email said I bought the external thermostat from Jaycar, my mistake, I bought it from mashmaster, see
My blue cheeses all age at the above temp, I like a strong cheese, so 4 months is right for the Stilton, I tried the one in the cave last week at 3 months it is still a bit mild. One thing with making Stilton, I drain in a cheese cloth but don’t line the mould with cloth, the cheese comes out much smoother and is easier to dress before aging.



The Stilton enjoyed with a nice glass of red wine.

Here is my reply;

Hi Chris,

Great result. I often wonder if people can replicate my results by watching my video tutorials, and you have just confirmed that you can!

That is great news about your Stilton. I really need to get my cheese cave sorted out. I am thinking of converting an old bar fridge with a similar external thermometer.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the big vote of confidence Chris.  It makes producing this cheese blog all the more worthwhile when I receive a testimonial like that! I love that you have tried to make so many different types of cheese, all from watching my video tutorials.

I didn’t really know how much the videos helped, so now I do!


  1. Anonymous says

    I meant we have a lot of British fellows on the french riviera so we have Stilton even in the So called Country of Cheese ….
    jean michel urbani

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin and All

    I have made 6 Stilton cheeses since September 2013 following Gavin recipe
    they were really appreciated by my friends (I can't have a lot of cheese because I am flyin a gyrocopter and must stay under 90 kilos…), I think the only big error I made is no to put the lid on the cheese ageing plastic box wich gave me a firm cheese compared to the stilton I had bought at the supoer market (we have a lot of fellows Lads living on the French riviera).
    Also the taste was too hard after only 3 , then 2,5, then even 2 months
    I have asked Gavin a question about it in my bad english via the voice messaging device I thing he will reply
    but appart from this Gavin Book and the tutorial are perfect, I just can't wait for getting my cheese presse that we nearly finish building coz I'd like to make other cheeses
    thanks Gavin for you commitment
    à bientôt
    I hope that Temperature in Oz will Go down quiclky
    cheese … heu no Cheers
    jmichel urbani

  3. Anonymous says

    I thoroughly agree with everything Chris says and must say it was your video tutorials Gavin that gave me the confidence to start making cheese myself.

    I have an old apartment size fridge (about the same size as a wine cooler) that I picked up for free. I took out all the refrigeration stuff and put in a light bulb and a thermostat, and use it for making yogurt and for rising my bread. It came originally from a big pig farm and they used it for storing all the antibiotics and whatnot that they inject into the poor things. Anyway, these antibiotics need accurate storage temperatures and it came with a VERY accurate thermostat. It is by Johnson Controls no A419, see . Possibly expensive but accurate and I got mine for free!!

    I am planning to open my first washed curd cheese tomorrow based on your wine soaked one (can't remember what you called it) and I'll let you know what it's like. It's a little bit soft and a bit bloated under the wax so I'm opening it after only 2 months.


  4. says

    Dear Gavin.
    I should also have send you a picture of my first Stilton at youre recipe and video. I have made it more than once now, and it always is a good result.
    I have made Youre recipe of the parmecan cheese aswell, I made it in April 2012 and next month it has to be opened, I look foreward to se and taste…
    You are so mutch a nice person, that you want to share all your expertise with us…
    Kind regards from Aase in Danmark.

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