LGC 028 – Salts Function in Cheese Making

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Salts function in cheese making is this weeks topic.  I also talk about types of salt and what is the best to use in cheese making at home.

This week’s news feature is from ABC Radio National titled “The push to use raw milk in cheese production”.  It is an audio clip that features Will Studd of Cheese Slices fame talking about the benefits of raw milk cheese.

The rest of the clip can be found here; http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bushtelegraph/raw-milk-cheese/5601944

Listener questions featured during this show were about when to add calcium chloride to your milk, Penicillium Roqueforti cross contamination, how to mature your colby and stop blue cheese from going runny, and can you use goat milk with the recipes in Keep Calm & Make Cheese eBook.

I also apologize to Trausti who I called a woman in Episode 26.  He is all that is man, and took it all in good humor (thankfully!)  How embarrassed did I feel when I received his email the day after the episode was released.  Podcasting is such fun :-)


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So, until next time curd nerds, remember to Keep Calm and Make Cheese!


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    hi gavin,
    i have just bought myself a cheesemaking kit because i am curious about it but i also try to live a green tinged life and i would like to think that making cheese reduces my environmental impact. thing is, i am struggling to see how it does, dont i just take the transport and production impacts away from a corporation? i'm wondering if you have explained that somewhere? and could you give me a link or a very brief explanation here?

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